Disclaimer: Anonymous Support Chat Platform

This platform is designed to provide anonymous support through chat-based conversations. We respect and prioritize the confidentiality of our users. No personally identifiable information will be disclosed without explicit consent.

Informed Consent:
Users engaging with this support service should be aware of its nature and limitations. While we strive to provide a supportive environment, users are advised that this service is not a substitute for professional therapy. Users are encouraged to seek appropriate professional help for their specific needs.

We maintain professional boundaries in our interactions. Personal relationships with users or sharing personal information about the platform’s operator are avoided to ensure a safe and unbiased environment.

Crisis Management:
This platform is not intended for crisis intervention. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please contact emergency services or a crisis helpline. We provide information on such resources for immediate assistance.

Referral to Professionals:
If a user’s situation requires professional intervention, we strongly recommend seeking help from qualified mental health professionals. Our service complements, but does not replace, the expertise of trained therapists.

Monitoring and Moderation:
We regularly monitor the platform to maintain a safe and supportive environment. Moderation is implemented to prevent inappropriate content or behavior.

Continuous Improvement:
We value user feedback and are committed to continuous improvement. Please share your experiences with us, and we will strive to enhance our service based on evolving best practices.

By using this platform, you acknowledge and agree to these terms. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us for clarification.

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